The Rules of the Game at Stonzek Theatre

Friday, February 24, 2023

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Friday, February 24 | 6:00 pm
Saturday, February 25 | 3:00 pm | 5:15 pm | 7:30 pm
Sunday, February 26| 3:00 pm | 5:15 pm

Director Jean Renoir, Drama / Comedy, Not Rated, France, French, 1939,110 min.

Considered one of the greatest films ever made, The Rules of the Game (La règle du jeu), by Jean Renoir, is a scathing critique of corrupt French society cloaked in a comedy of manners in which a weekend at a marquis’ country château lays bare some ugly truths about a group of haut bourgeois acquaintances.

In this melancholy French social satire, André (Roland Toutain) is having an affair with Christine (Nora Gregor), whose husband, Robert (Marcel Dalio), himself is hiding a mistress. Meanwhile, Christine’s married maid, Lisette (Paulette Dubost), is romantically entangled with the local poacher. At a hunting party, trusted friend Octave (Jean Renoir) also confesses his feelings for Christine, as the passions of the servants and aristocrats dangerously collide.

This newly restored masterpiece directed by and starring Jean Renior’s scion of the great French painter Pierre-Auguste Renior can be seen in a form as close to Renoir’s original luminous intentions as possible.

Rules of the Game is on everyone’s ‘10 best movies ever made’ list

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