Jose "R. Dot" Mendez in the limelight

Jose R. Mendez (R.Dot Art)

Began drawing in Kindergarten and haven’t stopped since. Through grade school it was all sketching with pens and pencils. Art, electronics and wood shop classes would keep me entertained so I went to trade school. I went to school for Auto Body and began assisting painters with automobile painting and after 5 years I became a painter. This helped my creative process along with the trip to Guatemala when I visited Tikal. The ancient Mayan Empire. I would still sketch but decided to make my sketches permanent and started drawing on canvases with sharpies. Once I began drawing with sharpies I began experimenting with oils, acrylic and water based markers. I now use sharpies as my main tool and also use brushes, spray paint, and photography. I am a Lake Worth resident and I also work in a Lake Worth elementary school. The school is my inspiration and my support/critics are my friends. The parents and children in the school inspire me because I like to show them that whatever goal you set your mind to you will accomplish. While also reminding them that our culture is rich in art from the Mayan ruins, clothing, agriculture, and our calendar system. I have taken my art serious in the last year, I now have over 80 painted canvases and plan on having a show by summer time.

For further references please visit Jose's Facebook Page, and see his LULA Artist Profile Page.