Craig McInnis in the Limelight

Painting, Charlie Tanked It, by artist Craig McInnis

I have been drawing since I can remember. I decided early on that I would be an “Artist” and after doodling my way through high school I came to FL. to attend Art Institute. After two years of schooling I quickly proceeded to ignore my new found degree and instead, spent a good chunk of time playing music. I eventually found my home in a metal outfit by the name of GONEMAD. Singing, screaming, and tearing up stages locally and on 14 “tours” up and down the eastern half of America…we had a good run. With the arrival of my late twenties (and my wife Raquel) the raw energy and dissatisfaction that had fueled my lyrics and my desire to spit venom in a metal band, dissipated. I began to replace the negativity with focus…

All things creative…became my new world. Keeping multiple projects cookin’ at once: whether, music, painting, illustrating, digital art, fx make-up or just plain ‘ole brainstorming…I found myself a nice niche to sit in. Amongst these projects were a host of musical outlets: Shoulder Devil, Taste Bud, and presently SPEAKING VOLUMES. I write songs for myself and others continuously. My artistic side brings me the pleasure of working for many good people doing commissioned artwork, murals, faux finishing, graphics, tattoos and props. I am also proud to be a part of Fright Nights at the S. Fl Fairgrounds where I am currently Creative Director for the event and still do horror make-up, graphics, set design, and my fair share of getting into character. I am presently embarking on a new trip to transfer my next set of images from the brain to the canvas, and I am looking forward to the challenge. All in all…one hell of a FUN life…with more good to come. My intent is to stay focused and to NEVER take my creative gifts for granted. I am blessed to have these talents, a beautiful devoted wife, a few great friends and a loving, supportive family. Peace.

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