LULA Projects

Vacant Storefront Initiative

Has your commercial property been cited by Code? Is your vacancy making the block look unsightly? If yes, we encourage you to participate in this new program. The Lake Worth Beach CRA, in partnership with the City of Lake Worth Beach, is excited to announce the Vacant Storefront Initiative. The purpose of this program is to add an artistic flair to vacant storefront windows in our downtown in an effort to enhance the consumers shopping experience. Simply adding vibrant clings to your windows could activate the street and benefit the downtown as a whole.

Each design has been created to enrich, celebrate and promote the uniqueness of Lake Worth Beach. Commercial property owners can download the graphical designs to place on their vacant windows here.

Lake Worth Street Banner Project

LULA Lake Worth Arts, in coordination with the CRA, is the sole agency responsible for placing street banners on a majority of our thoroughfares. LULA created the Street Banner Program to prominently welcome our visitors, celebrate special events/holidays and to be used as a means of wayfinding. These banners are located along the City’s Gateways (6th Avenue South & 10th Avenue North) and Dixie Highway from 7th Avenue South to 11th Avenue North. LULA is currently in talks with the City to eventually install decorative street banners along Lake & Lucene Avenues west of Dixie Highway.

LULA Lake Worth Arts Mosaic Project 

Artists Kim Rizio and Isabel Gouveia of Lake Worth are the creative geniuses that have spearheaded this multiyear planter beautification project. Several of the downtown planters have been covered in hand cut glass to make each one a unique work of art. We welcome you to come and see them. If you are interested in contacting the artists directly please see below.

Isabel Gouveia contact: isabelgouveia.com

Traffic Control Box Wraps

Lake Worth Arts has wrapped several traffic control boxes along Dixie Highway, the Gateways and throughout Downtown. This upcoming fiscal year, funds have been allocated to wrap additional boxes within the CRA district.