Urban Arts Lofts

The Lake Worth CRA developed a strategic approach to redeveloping the district several years ago. The Program to assist with this approach was called the Cultural Renaissance Program. Since that time the name changed to LULA, Lake Worth Arts. Redevelopment efforts cannot be singular in nature. Our comprehensive approach was to use arts as a tool for redevelopment. By focusing on the many positive aspects of the community and building upon its strengths, including the residents and their talent, long-term revitalization can begin. While the CRA worked on the development of the LULA program, the Agency also focused on several undertakings. These included the attraction of the Palm Beach County Cultural Council to the downtown, the attraction of an urban Publix, purchase of the 1000 Lake Avenue Building to serve as a future artist/ cultural center and the awarding of over $23 Million in Neighborhood Stabilization funds for workforce and affordable housing.

The development of the Urban Arts Lofts exemplifies a synergy between the two programs. The Lofts will provide much needed live/work space for artists of all disciplines and safe, conveniently-located affordable housing, close to the downtown. Although the development of the units must adhere to a tight budget, the project will be certified by the Florida Green Building Coalition. The Agency and its partners believe it is best for the City and for the long term users of these units that funds be spent on keeping the units affordable and easy to upkeep by providing materials and elements that would insure low utility costs.

Although most of the units developed with NSP-2 funds will be single-family units, the proximity of these particular lots to the downtown and businesses along Lake and Lucerne helps to form a better synergy between the east and west commercial areas of both Avenues. Good urban design touts an environment where people can work, live and gather. With the development of 1000 Lake Avenue, the old Shuffleboard Courts and the Urban Lofts, the area will become a focal point for arts and arts related activities.


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